Indian Sesame Seeds Export Quantity and Value of India in 2016

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a) Indian Sesame Seeds Export Quantity and Value of India in 2016

  • India is the largest producer of Sesame Seeds and produced of around 4.7 lakh tonnes during 2015
  • Major Sesame producing states in India are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh followed by Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana and South India
  • India exported sesame seeds worth USD 415298650 with total quantity of 436996021 KGS during November 2015 to November 2016.
  • Mundra Seaport accounted for 54% of exports followed by Nhava Sheva Seaport and Pipavav(Victor) Seaport which account for 18.4% and 15.6% of exports respectively.

Indian Sesame Seeds Export Quantity and Value of India in 2016

Month Quantity (KG) Value (USD)
Nov-15 53606490 39972648
Dec-15 31690428 42836611
Jan-16 41682746 30163716
Feb-16 83173152 33923843
Mar-16 30152932 35097564
Apr-16 30523894 36819317
May-16 31981464 41507635
Jun-16 19917915 26362875
Jul-16 25390445 32164174
Aug-16 17274030 22486219
Sep-16 16046722 22049159
Oct-16 46789668 36741849
Nov-16 8766135 15173040
Total 436996021 415298650

b) Country Wise Export Quantity of Indian Sesame Seeds

  • Following table presents Top 10 countries importing Indian Sesame Seeds
  • Vietnam is the largest buyer of sesame seeds accounting for exports followed by South Korea and United States which imported sesame seeds
  • Average FOB price of sesame seeds per kg is USD 0.95
    County wise export quantity
    Country Quantity (KGS) Value (USD)
    Vietnam 68905252 84138033
    South Korea 36907642 45241955
    USA 11929155 19063133
    Taiwan 17789360 20028538
    IRAN 15857730 27489789
    China 5529769 6728704
    Germany 11022619 16726028
    Netherlands 13440389 17712559
    Greece 10014447 13435858
    Russia 8816463 12057240
    Total 200212826 262621837

c) F.O.B Price Trend of Indian Sesame Seeds

Month Average F.O.B Price USD/KG
Nov-15 0.75
Dec-15 1.35
Jan-16 0.72
Feb-16 0.41
Mar-16 1.16
Apr-16 1.21
May-16 1.30
Jun-16 1.32
Jul-16 1.27
Aug-16 1.30
Sep-16 1.37
Oct-16 0.79

d) Sesame Seeds Import Quantity and value of India

  • India imported sesame seeds worth USD 37453715 with total quantity of 35760412 Kgs from November 2015 to November 2016.
  • Somalia is the largest supplier of sesame seeds followed by Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, South Korea, Togo, Ghana etc
  • Following table presents Import Quantity and value of India
    Month Quantity (KGS) Value (USD)
    Nov-15 821629 1098085
    Dec-15 979167 1084920
    Jan-16 1387998 1587569
    Feb-16 3018339 3047195
    Mar-16 1985452 1993825
    Apr-16 1136545 1182367
    May-16 3705677 3761538
    Jun-16 2201648 2186005
    Jul-16 2039018 2088597
    Aug-16 3561747 3644650
    Sep-16 3622097 3762109
    Oct-16 8440552 8713600
    Nov-16 2860543 3303255
    Total 35760412 37453715

e) Indian Sesame Seeds Quality Standard Requirements of domestic market and import countries and the challenges faced by Indian Exporters in meeting the same

  • Domestic Market:
    • In domestic usually sesame seeds is consumed for oil milling purpose so there is no any specified quality standards.
    • During winter season sesame seeds is consumed in different food varieties across India of min. 99.99% purity
  • Export Market:
    • Indian sesame seeds is cultivated using conventional techniques to maximize output at the same time Indian manufacturer exporter are able to supply globally highest purity of Sesame Seeds of 99.99% which no other sesame producing countries are able to supply
    • South Africa produces Organic sesame seeds so their crop is first in demand by global buyers

f) A brief note on Indian Sesame Seeds current season supply-demand situation of India

Present year Indian Sesame seeds are facing a very tough competition from Africa because their prices are lower than India and because of organic they are in demand so this year is a bad year for Indian Sesame seeds

g) SWOT analysis of Indian Sesame Seeds Market

  1. Strength
    • World class production facilities
    • Largest sesame producer
    • Strong economic environment
    • Active government board to support Indian Exporters
  2. Weakness
    •  Conventional quality
    • Unfavorable weather conditions
    • Unfavorable weather conditions
  3. Opportunities
    • Focus on organic cultivation and using modern techniques can maximize output
  4. Threat
    • Africa producing lower rates organic sesame seeds


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  2. Article Source: February 2017 Gulfood Edition Magazine

Indian Sesame Seeds Export Quantity and Value of India in 2016
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